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What is Scary Harry’s? 
Scary Harry’s is a multi-level walk-through Horror attraction.

How much does it cost? 
 $15.00 per person. Wait – before you ask – YES IT IS THE SAME PRICE FOR EVERYONE! AND, nooooo, that’s not expensive! 

Do you accept credit cards? 
 Although we would love too, the answer is NO. We are located in the middle of the woods and do not have internet access available. CASH ONLY!

How do I purchase tickets?
You can purchase tickets at the gate with cash or online with your credit card BEFORE you start the drive to get there. There’s no internet, and the cell phone service is sketchy, at best. Just the way we like it! 

How long does it take? 
The average customer spends 30-35 minutes inside the horror attraction. 

Is there an age requirement? 
   No. But you must be 48 inches tall to enter! The attraction is recommended for ages 13 and up! 

Is it scary? 
It’s not called HAPPY HARRY’S! What do you want? Puppy kisses and Teddy Bear hugs? 

What should I wear? 
Well, you will be walking in the woods, at night, on uneven terrain, in and out of buildings. I’m gonna venture a guess and say you will be better off to leave the Stilettos in the closet and throw on your workout clothes!

Can we go in a group of 12?
  NO. The attraction is best experienced in groups of 4-6! For safety reasons, no more than 6 people will be allowed to enter. If you don’t break yourselves into smaller groups, we will be happy to do it for you! 

Is there group pricing? 
Yes, but you won’t find it at the gate! If you want group rates, you will need to pre-purchase your tickets online. 

Do you have coupons?
Occasionally we offer do offer coupons. You will need to check the homepage to find them. What? You really think I’m gonna spill the beans here? You’ve got to want it! 

What can I bring with me? 
  You may ONLY bring the following items into the attraction with you:
  *Small wallets that will fit in your pocket 
  *Cell phones are permitted, but if removed from your pocket, you will be escorted out of the attraction. 
  *Car keys

If I can’t make it through the attraction, will you give me a refund? 
Just like sporting events and concerts, there are no refunds

Is there free parking?
Yes. We have an onsite parking lot that is free of charge. 

Is there security? 
Yes. We have security on the premises and you will be wanded before entering the queue line. If you decide you need to leave the line, you will need to be re-wanded. You will also not be allowed to line jump once you have left the line. 

What if I decide that I am too good to follow the rules? 
Should you decide at any point of the attraction that the rules don’t apply to you, you will find yourself and possibly your friends, taking an escorted trip off the property with one of our fine security officers. If you decide that you still haven’t had enough embarrassment and put up a fight about leaving, rest assured, you will – in the back of a real live cop car. ;-)

Are there clowns? 
Nope. So stop your whining now.

Will the staff touch me? 
Nope. There may be incidental or accidental contact, but please be respectful of the staff and the props! Keep your hands to yourself at all times! Please check our Special Announcements page for Special FULL CONTACT Events. 

Are there strobe lights and fog machines? 
Yes and Yes. There is a warning posted, so if you have a medical condition that requires you not to be around strobe lights, you will have the chance to exit before being subject to them. 

Need to talk to someone? 
Phone: 724-427-6703 (Leave a message)